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“After high school, exams should use the pen, you have not a pen, then went to turn this bar. that condition is, ah, there is time to buy a bottle of ink.”

Lulu picked up the pen, it is delicate, with their usual thickness used almost like a ballpoint pen, pen body is very short, Lulu one hand can hold. Lulu in his hand, put it down it.

“also satisfied with it?”

“That is absolutely, thank a teacher!”

Lulu Youmo for a pen before you get it close up.

“I’m going to school in D major, was still pretty excited. D major Chinese Department,cheap louis vuitton, is still very famous. then also be my alma mater. want to return to his alma mater, and I was looking forward to it.”

“It turned out that your alma mater, ah, the teacher you previously very powerful ah!”

“You can. Your science is weak, the election should have comparative advantages arts, but do not know how you choose your own way to go. If elected liberal arts, after three years can be great hope to see you at D.” Chao bottom of my heart I hope Lulu can sit in D major Chinese department, hoping she could like herself, to feel the cultural atmosphere in D, where to find their dreams.

“Well! Then I hope I can vindication, admitted D big ah!” Lulu did not know he could not be admitted, but give yourself cheer total right. Who would not want to go big D? Have the opportunity to naturally fight.

“That’s good, I hope we can meet in D major, then I can take you to have a look at your Patriarch.”

“Cut! that time, you can be is my brother, and we should see also see our teacher ah!”

“That could maybe, to the time we see, will be a senior, or a teacher.”

“looked to see,louis vuotton outlet, it is not to leave, I have to be admitted in D! that time, you see what I saw was a teacher. maybe, someday, I’d be a junior sister apprentice you.” with Zhang Lulu Super screw around with tongue twisters.

Chapter 48

“That you have to work hard, and test D major is not an easy thing.”

“It is! order to become your little junior sister apprentice, I have to study hard ah! yes, Zhang.” Lulu wondering, this ultra since the last romance, personal problems have not happened ah. He also several Twenty, and also the right to find yourself a Mistress. “Taking advantage of the research, I turned a little to the back chanting Mistress Love academic correct.”

“still small Mistress! I’m older, I despise little girl, about my age, most of them married to have a baby. give Mistress you find small things,louis vuitton outlet online, ah, long way to go.”

“It can not, someone like you vicissitudes. Besides, you may not be old, they do not carry your ID, no one believes you are the root shallots, who will look out for you all to uncle.” Lulu look Chao, or three years ago, just like when you see a little change, very sunny.


“Really! do not believe in their own back look in the mirror, look at the front than the previous photo. bring me Mistress thing, keep in mind, ah, I’ll acceptance of the outcome.”

“This is by fate, you are still young, do not know you do a good job of learning on the line, a small junior sister apprentice!” Chao looked at his watch, getting late. “Almost eleven! Otherwise, we go for lunch?”

“can not! I have to go back to it! my parents in town to see the house, ready to buy a house in the city, I made an appointment with them in the library, one would find me they should. dinner thing, the next Then again, goodbye! “

Lulu pick up something, busy and hurried away.

In fact, these days, Sun Chunhui Zhong Ling really busy and buy a house in the city, City Experimental Middle School around the house, they almost looked through. But, from the school close, bad surroundings, the house is old; newly opened real estate environment is good, but far from the school and. Now, Zhong Ling is worried, prices are not a problem, we now have money, the problem is to buy the right house.

This does not, this morning, a three set off again, the couple put Lulu on the City Library went to see the house. This day is Built in the house to see the latest school to open in the surrounding estate. Go, take them directly to the sales lady to see the model room, Zhong Ling feel good. Room suitable Sanshiliangting two guard house, a family of three living is appropriate, spacious enough, not great. From the school is also close, but ten minutes away, the surrounding environment is also good. There is little in this room is the Forward House, now can not submitted an estimated until October of this year in order submitted. Coupled with the renovation of the time, the fear is going to end in order to live in it. Lulu would reopened in September, the time how can not wait.

No way, these days looked so much room, on this most appropriate. But Lulu This semester is no place to live. Two had negotiated for a long time before deciding to buy this house. This semester first lived near the school had to rent an apartment, and so took a room decoration is a good move again. Although cumbersome, but now only the case.

bought a house, but also to find renters. Much easier to buy than to rent, choose an environmental good house rent down. The plot is a bit far from the school, but also remote, relatively quiet, surrounded by greenery and health is relatively good, Zhong Ling think this place is more suitable for Lulu to learn. A far can be overcome, just the family car, pick a day to let Sun Chunhui like Lulu. Sun Chunhui is more difficult, but all to Lulu, what is worth it.

everything was settled, two talents to the library to pick Lulu. Zhong Ling said these things are related to Lulu.

“Mom, I can at boarding school, just to experience the collective life. so big, I have related to you live together, not away from home before.” To own a school thing, my parents are not be corpuscles, Lulu felt really should not. Dad has been busy enough, and often even a business trip, and now in order to find room was tired. After school, but also pick yourself every day, not to increase the burden of what Dad?

“You’ll still have to go to college, and maybe the future will work out. then left the house, a man who really own, to lead a collective life, when you had your fill pipe. want independence too far , and three years later a flash. lived at home, at school than comfortable in school, to own laundry, make your bed, the cafeteria food is certainly not a good home and you are thinking about boarding, really live school, less than a month, and you wanted to go home, think it a good home. “Chung Ling thought, Lulu did not stay in school too, I feel fresh.

“Every day I pick my father, how can do it? Yeah daddy going to work every day, work is busy, and how there is still time to pick me? Mom, you can not take care of in the city, I, ah, home clothing how to do it? “Lulu find this absolutely does not work.

“Your dad sooner or later every day we pick Niangliang, then go to work and I intend to let your aunt clothing home a man opened, I went to open a shop in town wants. to find a school near you from the facade room, you can just come to eat at noon. “Zhong Ling long to be good these days. Clothing store in town is good, and now basically the purchase of clothing, the town gradually increased to buy clothes, custom-made clothes actually less. Thus, a person busy over Fang. Now Sun Chunhui earn too much, just do not make money, and deposit enough to live at home, and not a problem at home, housewives. To open a clothing store in the city, in order to pass the time, but also to take care of Lulu. In the dressing room on the people inquiring, and one has the right, on the rent down.

“is not it?”

“Yes ah! I already work in the city, now you’re in town to go to school, your mother moved here not better? do you think I drove into town every day and then drove back to town on the comfortable? So ah , Pick you with this ratio, but just a piece of cake. “孙春晖 endorsed the views of his wife.

“do not you tell me earlier how ah? like you long to be good.” This is definitely not the moment to come out, definitely plan brewing for a long time.

“Yes ah, we have always had this idea, but afraid you test high school pressure ah, has been nothing. since you have now admitted that we acted quickly.” Anyway, Lulu has admitted, Zhong Ling truth Real said.

“Since you already intend that what you say on how it afternoon chant with me to see the house, I want to choose a best room, you are not allowed to grab me ah!” So, then listen to Dad Mom amount word for it, to say, after four years of college really want to leave home yet. There are three years with parents in daily life, to cherish is.

“OK! afternoon to take you, just look at the house rented in what should buy furniture and the like have, but still want to buy daily necessities, just go to purchase what the afternoon.” paperback of the house, living is to live, but some places are not desirable, but also can be changed.

Chapter 49

words, looked at the house the day after, 孙春晖 and Zhong Ling began to busy decoration, clothing store things at home are also handed over to Fang. As this is just a transitional housing, it does not bother decoration, but a lot of things still have to read it reassuring. Great people busy, but Lulu did not look at the book in addition to other things. Sujia Yun and Shi Ziya Lulu often come to play, but has also seen the promise of cloud people. Lulu wanted to see, but still hold back, and this time the cloud is not necessarily willing to promise their own opinion, blew himself in a bad mood, but also afraid someone else will be a joke, always want to pretend ostrich.

where S Lulu City, Lunar July is the rainy season, the weather was wet and hot, boring. Most people anxiety is very easy on the mold after it rains, whether it is home furnishings or books, or anything else, anyway, several days of rain down, it is necessary to wash rinse clean slate, busy for several days. After busy, they began to rain.

because of the rain, the road they travel the road and Enron affair has not settled down. Belts there has long been linked with the students passed, the other quickly agreed. Out of the seventh lunar month, the rain stopped gradually, almost school, everyone would get together and quickly went out to play again. This thing is already prepared over the case, the family did not say anything. Enron is here because Enron himself admitted to the City Experimental Middle School, Zhou Xiaoxiao tube is not so strict it.

Belts own itinerary settle down first, and then seek their views. Belts pre-booked hotel, is the personal with the baggage and others have described to you out a list of everything you want to bring. Not listed here, feel important on tape, then discard unimportant, that time carrying so much baggage is also tired. Lulu look on his list was written to prepare commonly used drugs, as well as a variety of Toutongnaore fever, upset stomach medicine. Look at Enron, out of some small items like flashlights. It seems that everyone with something different, is evenly distributed.
we feel very good preparation, there is no other to add.

“We still have to bring some money for a rainy day.” Lulu think, or to remind you to bring along some money is better, that time, if there is any forgot to bring, you can buy, and away from home , or to bring money they would feel safe. To travel, and will definitely see a lot of things like, I do not know Zhou Brothers will incarnation shopaholic, but himself and Enron will definitely buy a lot of things.

“That everyone more than a little of it, my dad said something staying in a hotel, he had to find a friend N City helped. however, play our own food and drink, or to his own pocket.” Zhou Yi think also, Away from home, if there’s anything to the family could not immediately, or to bring their own money.

“You two certainly have money, one he can make money, a multi-pocket, said multi-band multi-band on my sister would always such Enron with their own money, parents can go out to play or sponsorship, how can so many Money! “Zhou Yu Think about how much your feel wronged, like son, brother, do what is right, what is wrong themselves. Is pocket money, not his brother, said he is not afraid to spend my parents, their pitiful pocket money, or with parents strive to come.

“that is!” Enron also chimed in, no pocket money on themselves, can not spend the whole time.

Lulu think also, maybe individuals, usually also save much money.

“Then I bring some Belts Some things, I think it is the first to say it better. Zhou Yu Zhou Yi to take money with Enron money to take with me, but you pay for what must first explain that if we both feel is inappropriate, then you can not insist on buying. This requirement can do it? “

Lulu mention this requirement is not reluctant to let down weeks of rain and Enron money, but money should also have a degree, you can not develop a wasteful habits. Moreover, the weeks of rain and Enron is not very careful in the usual life, both personal pocket money compared with their peers in general, can be considered a lot, will not not many deposits. However, it seems that the two men do not usually spend how convergence is still in a state of extreme poverty.

listening to Lulu, then weeks of rain and Enron certainly feel uncomfortable, although the money spent, but this is obviously unequal treaties it!

“What if I think to buy, do you think should buy, I think you are wrong, how to do?” Enron mumbled, pursed mouth.

“Then ask me, or to the time of democratic voting. how do you feel?” Zhou Yi and Zhou Yu will know Enron’s ideas, but also to understand the intention of Lulu.

“Then democratic vote, to whom, when supporters much.” Zhou Yu felt his Qinge with Lulu is a group, to ask when asked if he was not white. Or better democratic vote, so there are two opportunities to more than two levels.

Lulu nodded, felt so good.

Think Enron, or to their advantage, naturally agree.

“then so be it, we go back to their ready! tomorrow from 2:00 pm to my home collection, my dad drove us to the train station.”

Lulu already not the first trip, remember in school, with students often go out on foot. Simply pack your own luggage, bring clothes to wear, because a week’s time to go out with a lot of clothes, bags are holding up drum capsule capsule. Also bring a wallet, various documents, cups, umbrellas, etc., are also listed on the list of every take things even.

but still the first time, 孙春晖 and Zhong Ling are not assured in this life Lulu is not assured uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, told over and over again. Zhong Ling put Lulu luggage and turned several times, stuffed with all sorts of things, with enough fear, and finally, a package into a suitcase. Lulu afraid enough money, and gave Lulu two thousand. Lulu parents to Ann’s heart, only to accept it.

next afternoon, Lulu dragged his suitcase to Zhou, and accompanied by parents.

Enron to a long, but also large bags of luggage. It’s rare to see it actually also Albert, was kind enough to Enron Qiandingwanzhu totally not the usual kind of majesty.

four four o’clock to catch the train, although there are two hours by car is definitely enough time, but as a precaution, then repair the early weeks carrying them off.

Although there are four people, but fortunately week repair natural Santana is also spacious, pour feel crowded.

“I said, you girls are in trouble! look at this baggage, I told my brother two people no more than a man of you!” say the early weeks of rain and too exaggerated. Lulu pulled the box is just, Enron is also a lot of big bags. Moving with almost!

fiftieth chapter baggage storm

“This is what you look ah! I

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Look how small fold look how adorable, how to see how as people like it.
Meng Lisao again holding a small cat close down for a while before you get it. After down, Lisao said:. “Behaved Sphere, will it go out and play well, I told you to eat a meal.”
listen Lisao say, kitty raised directed Lisao small head and shouted: “meow meow, I know that I went back to Lisao see yo …” call finished, it writhing little body walked out of the kitchen, came to the restaurant.
because they know their own brother Sima Hao reason to come back, which the Secretary Mano incredibly honest, or as early as the little cat into the kitchen, he just went up. Saw a small kitten writhing body out of the kitchen, he cried:. “Sphere, come here, come sit next to me.”
no company called Mano, a small cat also had intended to go sit beside him. So it writhing flesh whirring chubby, but only the size of a small slap body, the action is very flexible company Mano jumped on a chair beside. After the jump on a chair, it raised a small head directed Secretary Mano cried:. “Meow meow,louis vuitton outlet online, Arnold, Lisao is to eat it, I do have Braised prawns, braised fish, slipped balls, also There spiced tofu, I like to eat all the food. ” Although the company did not understand the Mano
little cat in what to say, but he used to live with a small cat, strange patterns They get along very, very often he could almost see the little cat want to express meaning, he saw Pussycat upturned called small head so happy, he said:. “Sphere,cheap louis vuitton, see you so happy, it must be Lisao are doing your favorite dish to eat it for a long time and I did not have to do dishes,louis vuotton outlet, etc. Lisao be sure to eat and you have to eat, you know? “
little cat listen to the Secretary Mano said, it seems to have lit a small Jizhuo Mi furry little head, cried: “meow meow, it is of course Lisao say I lost, and I feel like I lost a lot recently. I will definitely come back to eat more supplements. maybe I put the body grow too Bang Bang, I can once again become a human form at will. “
If anyone can understand the words of a small cat, it must be very contemptuous look at it: you can do a little more shameless? See if you figure that, obviously covered with meat, chubby, meat whirring, like meatballs, as you said yourself even thinner. Too outrageous wood there? There are wood?
Unfortunately, no one can understand the words of a small cat, and small cats, which is Su I do not consider themselves fat, she thinks he is very thin very thin. This generally is normal with some differences between the two goods. Two goods are two goods.
Secretary Mano see little kitty nod recognition in their own words, he felt very happy, very cheerful and he said:. “we both eat, the body grow too good, when I take you around the world to swollen like? “
travel around the world? Small cat with big eyes blinked hazy.
Well, this proposal does good. Time will be able to know a lot of countries have a handsome pot style. Think in the eyes of the prince and handsome pot on a weekly television and see the various countries, small cat suspected flashing pink dolphin from the Heart, which directed the Secretary Mano cried: “meow meow, yes good ah. By the time I see countries handsome pot, you will see the beauty of the countries you with your family rich and powerful, you can get a beautiful harem my own body with powerful metamorphosis abilities, you can get a huge Beautiful harem. kind of life can be called beautiful ah. “Then, it’s narrowed his eyes intoxicated, raised a furry little head. Throughout a subsampling.
Of course, this was due to pumping on the premise that people can understand it just said. Otherwise, it is still very Meng face painting.
Secretary Mano did not know what specifically is a small cat, but he was able to see that this little cat is echoing his proposal, he was very happy and said: “Sphere, I know you will like my proposal I liked it, so I have to …… “eat well, no longer picky eaters.
“What I suggest you liked? say I have to listen, let me give you a look at how kind the staff.” Secretary Mano not finish this sentence, it was already home to Sima Hao interrupted.
can see when Sima Hao sitting in a chair that only palm-sized figure of the time, his eyes flashed a clear joy of color. But soon this road joy of color was replaced by a touch dull. Obviously, he was a bit upset. But he wore a grim face, facial paralysis, so can not see his expression change.
he will not be happy because of the small figure when the owner did not even see him rushed over him like a baby Yaochong. Think about this little thing before flapping his arms like a baby Yaochong now look at yourself to see if it is now ignoring his own way, his heart suddenly stifling them.
can he not expressed his own unhappy. Because he felt that if he said it, then it makes it appear that train too. But he was really very awkward ah. Where the flattening of breath hold, really uncomfortable. So he dismissively from that little thing who glanced his eyes for a moment, eyes clear expression to say: I’m back, you do not come to me hug?
Secretary Mano goods, but the two did not notice their own little brother’s mind and it is very subtle expression changes. Kitty is needless to say, it were immersed in their own dream of it. Secretary Mano brother then asked to listen to their own, he said:. “Nothing’s brother, I say good meal with balls, after traveling the world body to keep a good thing Sphere also agreed to it.”
in front of Sima Hao, Secretary Mano always like a pair of kids grow up. No, it should be said that the giant baby-like. Or it should be said that a company like Mano with white children temperament.
Sima Hao mind already because of the small cat neglect themselves unhappy too, to hear the Secretary Mano say, he looked at the Division Mano said: “?? Oh, you say Sphere promise you.”
Secretary Mano immediately take the words: “That is, of course, the best relationship with my balls it will not refuse me..”
The Secretary Mano Sima Hao did not see, he put aside the clothes handed person, sitting across from Secretary Mano, watching a small head sideways on the chair I do not know what to think kitty said: “Yeah Sphere? You promised Arnold told him to travel around the world? “
If the former, Sima Hao can not believe that little kitty can understand his words. But now he is very determined little cat can understand human speech. As can understand how much he did not know.
kittens are iQue days na do dream, I heard someone call his own, what put it to pull back from the dream reality. This allows not done very little kitty dream unhappy. Just call it is ready to lift the head directed NPC Fat Cat Wei, let that person know how much of their time, but what crashed into a pair of dark eyes in the dark.
eyes are masters of facial paralysis wore a grim face looking at it. Do not know if it produces the illusion, it actually felt the eyes of the owner, that is, it’s god Sima Hao It will be very unhappy. If it seems to make him satisfied with the answer, he’ll pack his fiercely meal.
Think although he burdened abilities, but now it is just a kitty, actions are subject to the limits of the facts, just want to shout little cat suddenly wilted down. Think again because it would offend the front of the biggest BOSS Sima was expelled from home, lose this relaxed and happy life, no one landed in the street outside, it is all the more listless.
the same time it also knows that it can not go on so listless. Otherwise it will be miserable miserable. Thought here, it writhing flesh whirring chubby little body stood up from his chair, about to jump on the table, then walked cute kitten step came in front of the biggest BOSS Sima Hao. It then raised slightly furry little head side, two cute little ears back and fold, hazy eyes wide open, mouth delicately with cute kittens, stay Meng Meng spent in front of Sima Hao meow cried.

☆, intimate dinner with love

“meow meow, facial paralysis ruthless man, I do not want to turn up with Arnold to travel around the world. was Arnold himself said to take me to go.’s not my thing, oh you do not get angry, OK? If you do not like I told Arnold together, then I stay away from him, and so I talk to him he was a good play. “
little cat in the Sima family life for so long, from the mouth of someone else Sima family knows a lot of things about the company Mano and Sima Hao. Through someone else’s mouth, coupled with its own understanding of known weekdays are looking at it very clear to the Secretary Mano Sima Hao mean. That means more important than my life Sima Hao.
Sima Hao Since the company Mano look so heavy, so he would not allow anyone to play Division Mano idea. This from a company he seems like a child protection Mano was able to see that he got the idea how the Secretary Mano, how care. If nothing else, the little cat did not doubt that he will make life so simple Secretary Mano a lifetime. Because he has the ability and qualifications to do this step.
In this case the Secretary Mano actually said to take it around the world to go. Whether Secretary Mano have this thought, is not very serious thinking about this thing, or at joking, Sima Hao will not allow this to happen, that is not possible, he would still such a thing in No signs of smoke when he strangled in the cradle. This little cat is very clear. Behind closed doors when she had to write a book I did not write such a small role.
because of understanding, so that the spoiled little kitty will put their own sake pick out. It may not want to offend the big BOSS. Let yourself very bleak future life.
but it does not know it in the eyes of the big BOSS Sima Hao because it absolutely does not want those things and against it. But Sima Hao came back, it is immersed in their own fantasy dream eight thought, not to pay attention to Sima Hao Hao tightness of Sima, Ke Yi his temper and tell others, do not make more , so that only the previous screen.
moment, saw a small cat so spoiled with their Qieqie Sima Hao heart of tightness about gone. He looked at the little cat, said:. “Arnold crazy, you do not follow him mad, he just had surgery together, this time is so you can not touch your temporary follow me good agile body, such as Arnold, you Arnold talk together. know? “
Hearing this, the Secretary Mano instinct to reject. But think about your body does, and then think about their own temperament Shuoyibuer brother, he lived pitiful mouth, his face looked unhappy and sad little kitty.
small cat which I did not mind Tube Division Mano is how to think. It listened to the words of Sima Hao after Sima Hao wanted to tell the loud, it will not with him. But reason tells it, it does not say so. Sima Hao consequences because refute it absolutely can not afford.
Instead of being packed meal Sima Hao harsh words after listening to Sima Hao. Sima Hao heard from the beginning it would be better, then, to Sima Hao behaved very obedient own impression. Well, as long as the fawn Sima Hao big BOSS, it believes its future life will be really good. These early when it is thought of in the United States. Now it is only in the implementation of it out.
So, after listening to the words of Sima Hao, a small cat squints, slightly shaking a small head, directed Sima Hao called a few times: “meow meow, you can rest assured that facial paralysis ruthless man I knew he had just done. After surgery, you can not touch pet, I would not touch him. bacteria did not even know I am, I would not touch him until you are old that I can play with him, I will find him in This time I will obediently follow you, so always okay. “
Sima Hao do not know what to express little cat, but he probably can see, this is a small cat promised him say those words. Think about that when holding a small cat discomfort, he said:. “Tomorrow you are starting to work with me so that Arnold will not only find you secretly”
kitty yet said what, Secretary Mano has not happy, he said:? “Brother, I will listen to you, you do not touch the balls, so be it if you put balls away, I think of how to do it? say you go to work can not always look at it ah? Or to put it right at home. “
expect little cat can not see every day, which makes the company Mano heck.
kitty although this dissatisfaction can it know that it is not it can decide. Unless it does not change in the case of adults, it is no matter of life and death Mano Division, as well as its own life and leave it, otherwise, one day in the home, it is necessary to listen to the day. Or certainly not good fruit to eat.
have to say, or prescient little cat. Henli be ruthless mall called Sima Hao is not what goodness character. His goodness only people left to their own care. Others, he will never give a shred of compassion.
however, often mixed in the business circles of people, a few are righteous? Righteous people do not earn a lot of money.
Sima Hao Division Mano see so refute himself, he said:. “Every day I would come back, what you say does not exist can not see the balls to say that I work as you said nobody balls that you Not to worry. balls smarter than you, no matter where it will take good care of yourself, it will definitely be a better life than you order your body, I will not compromise you do not have to say anything. “
some things you can compromise, something is definitely not a concession. Consideration concession not everyone can withstand. At least on Sima Hao overwhelmed. He can not stand the Secretary Mano die. So, even if there is the slightest danger exists, he will not take risks. Let this little kitty to see Secretary Mano, already he can withstand the limit.
Secretary Mano see Sima Hao tone so resolute, he determined to dispute a few words about the little cat fight. But think about Sima Hao also for their own good, he would say a word.
side of the little cat look Sima Hao, look depressed and unhappy look CeGuo head Sima Hao, it is wise to choose to stay in the Sima Hao side.
quiet for a while, Sima Hao said: “Arnold, I know you feel uncomfortable, however, your body like you should be very clear how I do it is to such as Hello Hello, I let .. Sphere back to you, okay? “
after all, is worried that the Secretary Mano think, Sima Hao or explain a few. But, so explain when his heart feel very strange. He did not know how it is, and why you see a small cat relationship with everyone else so well, everything except his own, he would feel so suffocating.
Secretary Mano had quite unhappy, after listening to Secretary Mano words, he gradually happy.
another pause, Lisao to make meals end up. Those little cat food to eat is very small small dish installed, there is not a lot.
see Meng Meng own little cat to stay young master side, rather than their own promise master side, Lisao heart some wonder: What young master relationship with the golf ball so well when? He is not the most hated pet it?
the Sima family for so many years, it is clear Sima Hao Lisao do not like just any person any matter close to his thing. So she saw a small cat to stay in front of their own young master, and her young master when it represented nothing will feel strange. But even though strangely, she is not shown. After the meal down, she said something ‘young master, two Master Please dining bar. ‘Left the restaurant.
Lisao After leaving, has posted back chest hungry little cat wanted to immediately begin to eat. But look at the eyes not open to eat Sima Hao, Leng Shimo dared to touch it.
moment, Sima Hao still did not dine mean, he just picked up just holding a financial report looking at, very, very hungry kitten finally because

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Six of the platoon is not that Chang Chen happened to see a particular show some like it, they committed the outrage ……
“Good head.” Zhang Chen tin from his camp out on the river to see people standing very familiar, into the future only to find their own brother, but on the outside,louis vuotton outlet, he’s very disciplined. “Ah, sitting chat a while?” Zhang Chen Yuan Zhenfeng look tin, greeted him sit down and chat, and he sat down. Zhang Chen Tin blunt, direct to sit down later and asked: “? Talk about what”
“on …… just talk.” Yuan Zhenfeng originally asked Six platoon thing, but I thought, this thing is definitely Zhang Chen Tin know well, who knows he is not yet on their age biased ah. “We are not a company with ……” “You come out, Xiuer know?” Yuan Zhenfeng said suddenly. “I did not tell Xiuer said.” Zhang Chen Tin expression changed, changed: “Besides just here watching, not war, told her she was worried they might.”
“? Are you not afraid to force her to find people looking for you, ah,” Chen Yuan Zhenfeng Zhang unfavorably glanced tin: “You can be honest, she is not unreasonable man.” “She is too sensible a So I was afraid of her sulking! “Zhang Chen Tin picked up a small stone throw it into the river, snappily said. “You have a good explanation, she would not be angry.” Yuan Zhenfeng Zhang Chen tin sometimes feel quite understand the thing, a lot of nice things to do, you can run into Xiuer on a mission paste it.
“Do you think we are full company like yours only point out the camp to see who ah?” Zhang Chen Tin relied on this man is his brother coming directly towards him rolled his eyes: “Our company is pumping half, I initiative to apply over! Xiuer if I know, and certainly will be angry with me! “” Yes, she would be angry, be angry you without telling her! “Yuan Zhenfeng Zhang Chen Tin know now that they are on the same flight, also knows he does not know with certainty Xiuer licensing thing, at the moment my heart drumming, do not know whether or not to tell him ……
“You come here to tell Xiuer that? said I do.” Zhang Chen Yuan Zhenfeng tin see that look on the bad mood, this is what people ah. “Of course I told her.” Yuan Zhenfeng face look calm, he is not the baby boy …… “I first passed, there is the thing to go over there looking for me.” Said pointed to his direction and left the camp, leaving Zhang Chen tin under a man sitting by the river do not know what to think.
show in the care of Zhang Chen, Xu Dan’s body changes very big, just a few weeks before, face to round up. “Comrade Xu Dan, time to soup.” Zhang Chen Xiu carrying out a bowl of chicken soup on the table, then stood aside smiling at Xu Dan drink. “? Was not right, but also to the time,” Xu Dan screams: “Chen Xiu, you are deliberately so make a day of it, I’m really into a pig?!”
“Do you think I would be happy ah? you look with your pregnancy almost month pregnant woman, who, like you, ah, have no meat! quickly drink, I do not want my godson dry daughter out on the palm-sized.” Zhang Chen show anger, But for the future of their own stem son / daughter and her good, but not to her stew soup, so much nonsense! Xu Dan just complain a few words, she certainly knows Zhang Chen show is for their own good,louis vuitton outlet online, and count the next time, you can drink four or five days to resume normal diet, because if the stomach is too large, the production will be dangerous.
“Do not bitter face, and to laugh know? Do I ended up doing little daughter and her son Kugua Lian ah.” Zhang Chen Xu Dan finished watching the show, reaching the bowl took over and saw Xu Dan, or that Vice-expression, casually said something. “There you are so godmother Well, say godson daughter and her small balsam pear face!” “Who told you face crumpled, ah!” Zhang Chen did not bother watching the show to see her,cheap louis vuitton, went into the kitchen to start cooking.
almost half a month into her private cook, and think of ways to change the menu every day, but it can buy those things that are small people, eat good really not easy. “For a little Dan, you see you are now almost the same, or write to tell your parents you’re pregnant thing?” Chen Xiu Zhang suddenly thought, no two people seem to write with Alex Lee told the elders Xu Dan pregnancy thing, because before pregnancy reaction excessive lean, now recovered well, should be able to write it?
“ah! I almost forgot! I’ll go to some, back to the letter you sent me go.” ‘OK, you go to write it. “Because no hurry, so Xu wrote Dan still feel better, if the power reported that parents estimate will immediately ran, she did not want the family elders so hard, from the provincial capital of this section to the county so bad, Chen show young people are this way, not to mention the family elders do.
sleep at night. Chen Xiu Zhang Xu Dan now lying together, she was confused, Xu Dan can still wide open big eyes. “Chen Xiu, thank you for taking care of me.” “Say most of the night with me also so polite ah ……” Zhang Chen Xiu confused Huileyiju. “I mean really, you see, are two weeks, and Li, did not come back again, thanks to you over, my mouth still so cunning.” Dead of night, Xu Dan rare introspection the next. . “Mouth Diao know you like, do not picky eaters, so what eat anything right,” Chen Xiu Zhang Xu Dan patted on the shoulder and said: “The children do not speak his mother, and I starve, you do not sleep a child should sleep …… “Zhang Chen Xu Dan looked like the show stumbled suddenly laughed, people in this life, there is such a friend is really good!

☆, 100

mail the letter a few days later, the elder has not come yet, but added Li, the first back. “Danny, Danny.” Zhang Chen Xiu heard a man’s voice Jiaoxu Dan thought he got it wrong, go see Lee country, this guy do not got the keys? “? Hey, you know that back ah” Zhang Chen Xiu throws open the door to this sentence, Li, Samsam smile: “Xiuer sister how here?” “I’m not here now your wife into a pole!” Zhang Chen Xiu look at his appearance on the snappily, this is what people ah.
“I’m too busy to get out that this is not what the troops ……” Li, also know well, but he is a small platoon leader, how can it be free? Zhang Xiu Chen also points out the mouth accounted points cheaper stingy Bale. Zhang Chen Tin is also a small platoon leader, out of the number of pitiful, he joined the army to leave it off for ten days now, still home to worship their parents when it is vacation, stay in military training in peacetime training is re-training.
“rush into it, Dandan sleeping it, she is now more lethargy.” Zhang Chen Xiu efforts toward the room next mouth, Li, hurried into the room to see his wife go, so long did not come back, he may want her. Zhang Chen Xiu see him come in, have their own wash-point or multi-meters, it would not be a deficit in a timely manner Li, this guy, or he was going to start cooking again late, and did not bother to point it to burn more.
only two fried dishes, Lee took over the country came out of the kitchen. “Xiuer sister to take a rest now, here I come just fine.” Li, gingerly took the spatula to start cooking, a soldier for a long time, will not cook to cook. Zhang Chen Xiu see he was really cooking, and turned on and ready to go, before he came to the sentence:. “Then you come on, do not put too much oil, too greasy little Dan could not eat,” Li Kwok Point nod to his knowledge. lunch time
Zhang Chen Xiu almost could not stand it! Although he did not know the two men met in a long time, as so affectionate it? While everyone is very familiar inside the home, but whatever the outcome, to take account of this solitary man under their own right? The results could not stand the show is Zhang Chen fastest dined sit in front of that black and white TV watching the TV went.
Xu Dan home conditions have been good, she came here, home to repairing bicycles, sewing machines, television sets, although the TV was black and white, but in the moment, it is already a very extraordinary dowry. Watching TV is nothing good, Zhang Chen Xiu went to practice that little room sewing machines go. Sewing is a foot, rather than the common kind of electric later. Very slow, but it is nothing more difficult to practice, Zhang Chen Xiu want to buy their own skilled sewing machine back to the time to make clothes pants are easy to do, Who is the most stylish clothes shopping space-based, what are the minority it retro .
“When hey, Xiuer sister come?” Chen Li, Zhang see the show flash people, just think to ask this question. “Came half a month, thanks to her, or else I do not know what would ……” Xu Dan eat almost, put down the chopsticks, watching Li Kwok eat. “How?” Li, surprised. “You go to the zipper, and I have a baby of people with no appetite to eat what spit …… I went to the county saw a doctor, the doctor can not, let it go to the provincial capital of the road as you know, the bumps, but also I’m afraid not to the provincial capital of children in danger, has been dragged. “
“Chen Xiu to come and help or care little about the relationship with mood, anyway, I also be able to eat something, I told you two weeks ago I also lost again!” “Yes, my sister told Yuan Xiuer heads how? “” I did not ask it, or you ask? “Xu Dan, this man with some pregnant women, as it is easy to forget things, had wanted to ask Chen Xiu Zhang Yuan Zhenfeng with how kind, the result of old forgotten. “Is to ask, she twenty, and YUAN heads who are not already want to marry it? Poor old I remember them, right?”
“ah, you quickly eat, eat to ask, I recently Forgetfulness is too old to forget.” Xu Dan Li, listen very pained her to say, when a woman for the children is the greatest. “Well, you do not stay with me, if tired, rest it on the go.” “Then I went to lie down while you finished remember to pack.” Xu said Dan insisted on a desktop stand back and forth the room, Li Kwok Grilled rice bow to accelerate the speed.
push lightly finished dinner, Li, it demonstrates the good quality of man – pick up on things called a fast speed. “? Xiuer sister, what do” Zhang Chen turned and glanced at the door of the show, Li, said:. “Do little things to practice hand” When he finished, he threw a small bag. “This ……” Li, holding a small bag, over and over again, it can be doing? “When you can put on a small bag of buttons is good, put some small ticket or can.” Zhang Chen show him a white man is too understand to appreciate.
Li, hollow laugh loudly: “Xiuer sister, ask you a proper business ah.” “Go ahead,” “how about you and the head of the Yuan?” “ah he ah ……” Zhang Chen Xiu suddenly do not know how to answer.?. If Lee told the country, he told Zhang Chen tin back then, are we going to be flying curse them? But do not say it, it seems more serious consequences. “Well, we have a licensing.” Chen Xiu Zhang said vaguely.
“licensing it? how not to say ah!” Li, one on the ignorant, totally not heard ah, before Chen himself was kind enough to communicate the tin, tin Chen did not say ah. “What to say, ah, you can not with a small Dan went.” When it comes to this show on the righteous Zhang Chen, of course, which is to hide their righteous that little guilty. “Also said, however Xiuer sister, or congratulate you.” “Speaking of this, you have not congratulate me Dangdie How about you.” Zhang Chen Xiu not continue to do things, and just chatting with Li, to .
“Hey …… You do not say, I just know I can die happy, and I ran around our camp for a whole morning ah.” Zhang Chen Xiu hilarious, Dangdie too happy to be so funny, right, ran a morning . “Team, Dan wrote a small home, I guess your family elders will come in two days, when I went back in August, I got things to school there.” “Ah go so soon?” “What ah soon have stayed so long, I was back to something good.”
see Zhang Chen Xiu say, Li, can only nod, he would like to hold back troops to be subject to late penalties.
Li, left early in the morning of the third day, Xu Li Dan’s parents with her mother on the country’s three large bags appeared in the door, Xu Dan, Zhang Chen to show to scared. Although Xu Danhuai pregnant, but they bring something too many points, right? “Chen Xiu ah, come to help an aunt, could not carry the fast.” Chen Xiu Zhang Xu Dan opened the door I was called to help her mother get something, she quickly reached over to catch.
“come, I come, I come.” relatively fast action Xu father put things into their own hands and then ran out to help with something else, a few talents went into the door. “Whew, put me tired.” Xu mother sat down and began to wipe this hot day moving so many things, was tired. “Kitchen with cold water, I went to the end.” Zhang Chen Xiu originally stood, listening to Xu mother say it quickly went to the kitchen end of the water.
“Thank you so much.” elders took several big mouth water bowl and drank up. “Chen Xiu ah, little can be said Dan, this time thanks to you ah.” Xu mother to ease up on a show of hands grabbed Zhang Chen mantra. “Where is the help, I have so many years with little Dan’s friends, it should be a little busy.” “You can not say that you are the child, according to 顾小丹 hot day come here, more is not easy …… hey Little Dan people? “Lee picked up her mother, then just think there is something wrong, like not to see their daughter ah?
“nap too.” Zhang Chen Xiu dry chuckle. Heard a nap, two people come to know how it happens, when the mother of all people, how can I not know who are pregnant, drowsiness yet. “Chen Xiu, to help you see where to put these things better?” Xu Li mom mom with two people restless, rest for a moment and asked Zhang Chen Xiu problems they bring so many things to come, they want to find a place put it.
“put the kitchen to eat other things into a small red room before it.” Chen Xiu Zhang Xu did not know what Dan’s storage habits, can only say a ballpark. “That’s OK, we put first things ……” Xu mother said, putting bags of stuff apart to first distinguish between the good, the show with Lee Chang Chen Xu mom dad three people very consciously squat to help. Xu Dan woke up a door to see four men squatting on the ground of things, stunned. “Dad, Mom ……” “Little Dan up ah?” Lee mother quickly got up closer look Xu Dan, daughter pregnant, when the mother of the human heart can be anxious, afraid she eat well sleep well.
“Mom, how come, and this road is so bad.” Xu Li Dan looked at her mother, she was a married mother named Li changed his tune for the mother rather than her mother, the most important is the remarkable multi-parent mom called ah. “Why is not worried about you, your child, but now I actually said.” Xu mother stood up, carrying something in her hand: “I put things together and then teach you really put your spoiled, so the big thing is hiding so tight. “Xu Xu Dan a mother stared, carrying went into the kitchen to eat.
“All right all right, your mother ah this man is fooling soft-hearted.” mom Li Xu Dan pitiful look, hastened to comfort her. “Your mother’s relatives do not comfort this girl, she knew that yet, and that is to put on a poor expect her to let her mother a horse.” Zhang Chen Xiu obediently bow of things, did not dare to intervene in this scene, or are affected how to do? She is not generous attempts ……
other things packed up, my mother let Xu Xu Dan sitting on the couch, sat himself moved a stool in front of her. Xu Xu Dan saw the mother’s posture obediently sat up, his hands obediently on his lap. “Little Dan, you are not a child, when the mother of every person, and how what weight do not know what light?” “Mom ……” “I ask you, why do not you have told the family that you have? ! “
“before a poor appetite and could not eat anything, I can not tell you, so busy at home, how do I run around so you worry about me ……” Xu Dan said softly, his head down. “?! Do you know when the elders worry about, ah,” said Xu mother loudly side with Xu Li mom dad quickly said:. “Tap tap, do not frighten the children,” Xu mother suffered a Renqi reduce sound went on to say: “Little Dan, parents of a daughter on you, you doing good, how about over, my parents want to hear the truth, rather than learn from others glossy sent you a letter, you! Do you know your mother worried the night came to our house to discuss what

louis vuitton handbags outlet

The thing I like poisoning, and even do not know, like Wodan. “Ye Allure thought, said:” But I am sure that, when the poisoning is definitely more than me. “

“ah” Jianghuai Ren nodded and asked: “Can you tell me about the situation carefully the year, although I understand from some where deep red color, but in order to avoid some sad things she thought, for many things are not fine to ask. “

“What do you want to know?” Ye Allure asked.

“For example, according to Yan Wodan tell my case, when you are buying the kind of lollipop, it should be a lot is sold out, but why no mass poisoning incident happen?” Jianghuai Ren curious road.

“This,” Ye Allure smile: “Because that hawkers do not know where hunger to learn first-hand sales.”

“Hunger sales?” Jianghuai Ren curious tract, called the sale of hunger, the manufacturer is marketing in order to achieve a certain goal, and strictly control the number of products shipped, and strictly control the number of items sold by omnipresent advertising, and celebrities reputation assurance that products almost live in legend, and that this is a more popular way of selling for less than the manufacturer during the production capacity, this thing speak plainly, is to catch the consumer’s appetite has been tempt the appetite of consumers,louis vuitton outlet online, Consumers kept hanging delays to buy time, hanging to their production capacity to purchase the number of consumers.

“Yes, that hawkers in our students vigorously promote his products are mostly from the Pacific shore, and even the M state, not every child can eat the good stuff, then you know, that’s In the eyes of these children we have, things are more exciting than the outside stuff at home, things are always outside the home than their own good, so quickly, buying foreign goods became conspicuous among the students was a . way, “leaves Allure recalls:.” extremely expensive compared to a lot of electronic products, cheaper prices of many lollipops undoubtedly an excellent choice. “

“I heard that the lollipop was not cheap to sell.” Jianghuai Ren Road.

“ah, yes, Hawker said his country lollipops are from M secretly shipped over there, so our price is the purchase price of the other side of the country M, M Hawker said the country side paved with gold, a few people are selling bread M Yuan, translated into our use of RMB, is a good tens of dollars, but the hawkers also said he sneak over things that are parallel, so there is no tax, the price is relatively cheap, but even In this way, also sold a few dollars, ten dollars for students that age, it is definitely not a small sum to Information of. “

“So you and Yan Wodan, and many children are start saving up.” Jianghuai Ren asked.

“ah, that the hawkers selling with hunger, to tell us at what time the first shipment will come, but not too much cargo, it may be the moment to grab finished, said there have been numerous people in the community have a large children’s book his lollipop, but because he likes children, so a group of us set aside, so we tried to save money, “Ye Allure smile:.” presumably Wodan also told you that I was using some methods,cheap louis vuitton, soon to get the money to purchase, and then went out there hawking a book. “

“yes, I know.” Jianghuai Ren nodded.

“have to say that hunger is indeed very powerful sales, then come up with dozens of hawkers lollipop, almost twinkling of an eye it was our first group of people steal, but unlike many girls Hai Ba lollipop collection Get up, I get the hand when eaten directly poke “Ye Allure helplessly watched 姜怀仁 said:” So in the end I do not know how many people eat sugar, and how many people are not less sugar. “

“Where are those that sugar go?” Jianghuai Ren asked.

“has been destroyed, our family found me because after lollipop poisoning, directly reported to the Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau on the one hand and the hawkers to catch up, on the other hand also sent to begin to recover.” Ye Allure Road.

“. Such ah” Jianghuai Ren nodded, then in the eyes of bright light, said: “Then you should know that there are those who at the time had reservations, after all, you can be considered the first man of the people do?”

“I do not know.” Ye Allure shook his head.

“then how can you be sure you are not poisoning one person?” Jianghuai Ren asked.

“because I’ve seen one, she did not poison me so deeply, but she is poisoned.” Ye Allure smile: “She now has amnesia, and I like Parkinson’s disease, but I suppressed for so many years , and she had long ago the state of semi-amnesia. “

“Can you find her?” Jianghuai Ren asked,louis vuotton outlet.

“. could” Ye Allure nodded, eyes flash, and said: “You want to see if you can get the pathogen from her body, and I would like to have so many years, her body should be like me, mixed the possibility of relatively large. “

“? do not know how to try it,” Jianghuai Ren smiled, and said: “Look what you look like, you know you did not try to find pathogens collected from the body of the girl, I think whenever there is a chance of survival, you should give it a try. “

☆, sisters understanding

a meter short, two meter long, on top of a Three Stooges Zhuge Liang, the head after a good start, Jianghuai Ren and leaves Allure soon on some of the details for a lot more in-depth discussion of some things have reached some advice.

“Yeah, all for so long,” When two people talk about the same time, leaves Allure looked at the time, could not help but exclaim loudly, then looked around for Jianghuai Ren smiled and said: “Why do not I invite you to dinner at noon, You first wait for me, I’ll be back. “

Then, leaves no way to avoid arousing suspicion Allure took a few things into the bathroom, leaves Allure room is great, with its own private bathroom.

Jianghuai Ren bored sitting on the couch, his mind Lisi Suo the whole thing, to see what he did and no discovery, but also in my mind looking to see if there is no way to cure the disease leaves Allure.

but let 姜怀仁 disappointed plus despair, no matter how you think, my mind has not the slightest information about Parkinson’s, want to come too, his mind those are the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the study of neurological medicine does not count on excellence.

course, even now, to the level of modern medicine, most mental disorders are no cure, it can be considered somewhat 姜怀仁 belittle it.

Sin Hospital via a third floor!

姜怀仁 like a long time, but it is ultimately the idea was to hit the Sin Hospital, the doctors by Sin is definitely a very marvelous thing, Jianghuai Ren hope the third layer approach to mental disorders may be treated.

Because these days, because there is no goal, I do not know why you want to continue to practice it, Jianghuai Ren Xian heart health by practicing some resistance, but now all of a sudden have a goal, Jianghuai Ren suddenly feel your body cents per force flowing speed more quickly again.

This may be brought about by the impact of changes in the mentality of it!

Jianghuai Ren self-deprecating about it, but can not just hope that the students leaves Allure said, desperate, Jianghuai Ren should think that he is not going to embark on a trip to the database Woguo it?

“bang bang bang ……”

a knock came, Jianghuai Ren looked at the time, his eyes flickered heart: it is almost time to have that.

such as Jianghuai Ren went to the door, and she saw a crying tears rushing beauty, beauty Jianghuai Ren hand rubbed his eyes and said: “You are so, so I am very sorry to tell you these things.”

“demon …… my cousin she leaves now how?” Yan Wodan eagerly asked.

“emotional stability down, do not you worry.” Jianghuai Ren Road, said, opened the door, the deep red color put in.

“Where’s my cousin who went?” Yan Wodan look around a bit, then looked Jianghuai Ren asked.

“to take a bath, made a high fever last night, this morning has been suffering now.” Jianghuai Ren smile.

“ah, ah, I ……” Yan Wodan had received 姜怀仁 phone several times, but hey, the phone sounds are not heard 姜怀仁 until after a while, the phone just came 姜怀仁 and Ye Allure dialogue sound when the microphone when the sound came blind, leaves Allure has tears, stared sitting at home in a daze, after a while, all the way until the rising of the over.

but now leaves Allure found nothing, they add their own for so many years did not understand what she brought apologies, Yan L. concolor actually turn to leave.

“What do you do?” Jianghuai Ren Yan pulled Wodan.

“I ……” Yan Wodan tearful said: “cousin saved me, but I told her that, while I do not know how to face her.”

“? Since you’re here, you can not go, you know,” Jianghuai Ren moved his ear, pointing to the kitchen and said:. “you now go to the kitchen, while I called you out you’re out.”

“good.” Yan Wodan sobbed into the kitchen.

Yen Wodan looked back, Jianghuai Ren some faint remorse, tangled themselves what it is doing right or wrong, when Yan Wodan into the kitchen the whole time, the bathroom door opened.

“who is it?”

leaves Allure wearing a large white bathrobe, with a dry towel to wipe the water droplets on the hair, to the 姜怀仁.

“ah, there is one thing I want to tell you.” Jianghuai Ren Ye Allure did not answer the question, and pondered a moment, faint.

“what” Ye Allure asked, curious.

“is that I do not have your consent to do something you might not like it, but I think it is the right thing.” Jianghuai Ren Road.

“in the end what happened? such a mystery.” Ye Allure smile face surfaced.

“ah” Ye looked Allure smile face surfaced, Jianghuai Ren mind to understand this moment one leaves Allure adjust the mood, for what he has done to get more uncertain note, but 姜怀仁 in the end is a decisive person, we will watching the leaves Allure seriously said: “I tell you one thing.”

“What?” Ye Allure pale complexion suddenly, pointing to the Jianghuai Ren, half say a word.


watching the leaves Allure complexion, 姜怀仁 sighed, then turned to see the kitchen and said: “! out of it.”

“Who!” Ye Allure eyes looked fiercely in the past, but then softened, a stunning beauty in her field of vision.

“Sister, I’m sorry!” Yan Wodan slowly came out from the kitchen, his face tears, called a pear rain.

“how you came.” Ye Allure tone suddenly softened, then stared fiercely 姜怀仁 one.

“Sister!” Yan Wodan suddenly began to cry, and then ran over and hugged leaves Allure body.

“silly sister!” Ye follow Allure original habit, want to kick flying kick, but fortunately Jianghuai Ren looked leaves Allure a critical moment, leaves Allure That did not make things awkward, but let the hair had to wipe towel fall to the ground, then hugged and Yen Wodan together.

look at hugged beauty, Jianghuai Ren Saran smile, a warm good picture.

riding on the occasion of the two women cried, Jianghuai Ren implied the exit of the room, or do not own this bulb to disturb Acacia people between the sisters.

sitting in the car, Jianghuai Ren some inexplicable loneliness, open the phone, checked the random number, and then lit up, pressed against Liu Jingyi number dialed.

“Hey, how come I suddenly remembered ah?” Liu Jingyi an answer the phone, they direct questioning from Jianghuai Ren.

“It’s not like you do?” Jianghuai Ren chuckled.

“you pull it, I do not find you, you’re not looking for me to die.”

“ah, I’m dead!”

“giggle,” Liu Jingyi giggled and said: “? Okay, what you are looking for me in the end.”

“I said I was being your boyfriend, you still have to find a girlfriend boyfriend say anything?” Jianghuai Ren laughed.

“Do you remember my loss is your girlfriend ah?” Liu Jingyi teased.

“ah, my memory is good, I clearly remember the day someone suddenly came to me, very unexpected someone’s boyfriend wants me to do, I was very surprised, but because it is the poor person So it’s agreed reluctantly. “

“ah! Stop it!” Liu Jingyi cried loudly.

“Well, do not say that today there is no space.” Jianghuai Ren asked.

“What are you doing?”

“at night you eat, what to fulfill the responsibility of being a boyfriend.”

“Okay, see you sincerely, the girl reluctantly promised you.”

“Hey, you did wrong, and I am sincere when up.”

“In just ah ……”

☆, please call me foodie

“Dean, you’re not right, you just let me go home to that song girl doctor?” Jianghuai Ren sitting president in the office, his face looked incredible wretched old man in front of his face, he had just one today to the hospital, he was president of a small nurse who shouted over, do not heat the bench, gave the old man gave him a task.

“ah,” the old man nodded his head, of course, said: “After the last time you went to, Qu wife is very happy, so I want to specifically look for you.”

“It sounds like how to be nurturing it?” Jianghuai Ren smile.

“brats, how to speak up? What nurturing? others song to his wife and daughter, you gave her poor treatment, by the way also discuss with her to explore health science.” So the old man eyes stare, then looked Jianghuai Ren said. : “Boy, do not blame the old man I did not tell you, is now in charge of Quyang our hospital this one, I’m also create opportunities for you, with your ability, even if that girl incurable disease, but at least it can The song coax his wife happy, as long as his wife a happy song, Quyang naturally pleased that he was so happy, they might this year the city’s medical system is advanced model is you. “

“! cut” 姜怀仁 not mind the sneer: “? old man, you are not do not know me, I’m not an officer, what I want to do what those excellent”

“is not something you want to do, do not do.” the old man sighed, and said: “Anyway, so things settle down, this is the organization on an order issued to you, you must unconditionally obey, things like this the. “

“Hey, this is abuse of power.” Jianghuai Ren angrily.

“This is the power of the benefits.” the old man proud smile.

“I ……” Jianghuai Ren could not resist, almost burst a foul language, but even so, out the door, or in front of the door shut on the fiercely put up the middle finger.

hospital business is busy, at least for Jianghuai Ren is the case, he did not come yesterday Zuozhen, so some patients today, yesterday dragged over a full day, Jianghuai Ren are quite busy, sometimes, Jianghuai Ren Before the sight would have done inadvertently blown Lin Lin positions eyes flash memories.

wait until the evening after work, Jianghuai Ren then drove to Liu Jingyi directly to his place, city dance school.

watching the dance school to come out of Yan Yan Yingying, and stopped in front of the school’s brightest dance luxury cars, Jianghuai Ren could not help but feel that this car seems to be a need to upgrade.

“Boss, I was thinking, why do not you give me some money, I buy some parts, upgrade sports bar! Ferrari how? Paoniu artifact ah!” Jianghuai Ren idea of ​​a coming out, he jumped out of Fu , first he kept complaining about his recent work against Jianghuai Ren rose, oil prices also rose, but wages did not rise, and finally a clear indication that she really needs upgrading, while expressing a desire to obscure the money they want processed.

“Fu ah, you know, the current economic downturn, finding a job is not easy, I will consider your request, for now, so be it!”

louis vuitton purses outlet

“good.” Anthony and House have agreed.

Chapter 16
back the city since the last reel life saved Cang Song purple scroll back to the city to buy a lot to carry around.
are explained well, purple and Quito Cang Song before the next carriage slowly burnt the place to go to when shrouded trees gone, the moon at its brightest, watching two close together bones, heart again later to sad, so she hated to do the task, always, to kill other creatures for themselves.
Quito look at her face, said: “near the village of a dozen people had died, before we have three dial magician died in their hands, and then when there is a team of early failure of mercenaries, only to flee to the a man. “
purple Cang Song doubt, “Mu lion hi cold, very cold here, although it will not be their favorite place to go, how will suddenly emerge two grazing lion?”
“They get a warm place to give birth, and the mother lion, animal husbandry, the body has not fully recovered after production, it is particularly bad temper when pregnant, no wonder people before the attack.” Quito explanation.
back on the wagon purple Cang Song abnormally silent.
Stupid scratched her, “how?”
purple Cang Song Cengceng Stupid, muffled voice, “I killed a baby and its mother lion, animal husbandry, today, also burned a large woods.”
Stupid disagree, “This is what killed us last time how much the mouse blame, you can not because they are big on words of sympathy them!”
Quito laugh, “simple-minded than you know.”
Song Cang purple racket head, “I understand you mean, I would have a hand full Shanie now regret too late.”
Ben Ben shook his head, “This is how obedient? Is there anything that you do not kill them they will come to kill you, how can I not kill ah want to live.”
Anthony raspberry, following only the specter called simple-minded talking he received a blow, even so smart!
“simple-minded,louis vuotton outlet, well said.” Quito nodded.
know they opened their own solution, purple Cang Song still feel a little uncomfortable, she refused to pay the mission received compensation, gave Quito. It touches the staff provided in advance because the message is wrong and apologized to them solemnly, also added remuneration.
see her muffled way, Quito, a man picked up the next task, this money is not what the Soviet Union, for him, is living a few years.
purple Cang Song saw Quito took several tasks at once to scroll handed out, “I’m with you now!”
“But you are in a bad mood.” Quito honest.
“okay.” Cang Song purple smile.
“I do not want to laugh laugh.” Quito evaluation, but no longer refuse.

Cang Song purple this time refused to bring Anthony anyway.
Anthony weeping eyes, “I was too cumbersome it?”
busy waved purple Cang Song, although that may not be true, but beautiful boy dropped his long eyelashes revealing expression of grievances she still can not withstand,louis vuitton outlet online, “I do not take you because you bear in Tacitus there are more things do, and you can take advantage of the last days of a good stay at home, along with their loved ones. “
Anthony shook his head, “Miss Su does not have to worry about my family, they will soon follow mercenary group to 莫比兹, anyway, here it is only a rented house, and if I go to my mother’s brothers and sisters 莫比兹 also will be over. “
purple Cang Song suddenly, it was so nice family feeling, “follow the multinational mercenary group is not safe, they do have a task to do, I’m afraid will take the initiative to look for trouble, let them go with us to the time now your mother is doing what? “
“My mother pulp washing clothes daily to help people, but now I also make money, for her to stay at home to take care of the younger kids.” Anthony A..
“If your mother is willing, then you can go to my house, I will soon start a school to teach people to read, to brothers and sisters, when you can go to school there.” Cang Song Purple openings.
Anthony inexplicable surprise, the mother is still living Secondly, after the younger kids have the opportunity to literacy? He strikes above the clouds, and strive to calm a bit,cheap louis vuitton, asking, “What next few days I need to do?”
purple Cang Song took from his pocket a picture dimension, “help me check what was the name of this person, now I only know that he has a friend named Jake told me to check him a mysterious black mage relationship Black Mage anything about that, I want to know. “Here he paused,” Tacitus is so big, it wants to look for your efforts, even if finding out. “She painted directly onto the fire burning a. “This is something I do not want to be anyone other than you know.”
Anthony nodded solemnly, “I know, night security, Miss Su.” OK After the ceremony, he immediately walked out.
purple Cang Song stopped him with a smile, “Today is late, there is an empty room downstairs, go out again tomorrow.”
Anthony on things, I almost forgot, but he is now at Prince House, which most of the night may not necessarily have to go out, the moment obediently followed the maid went downstairs.
A few days after
purple Cang Song did not return to Tacitus, while the next day to go out early, they went to pick up more than a few magicians guild task, when it is practiced hand, after the night she suddenly found herself in force value is not enough, but there is little more important is – she hopes to be able to come back to the brave Soviet Union. Critical moment, a few seconds of hesitation can let her die can not be dead.
a little embarrassed but rather Quito, but the Soviet Union refused to receive remuneration in any case, he had to take with her for practical magic, rare magic to teach her a different day.
sufficient enough food anyway, so if the task done ahead of Quito on the next task magician Association sent to the nearby Soviet Union, seize the time to rest himself meditation, because of mana, he needed time to recover meditation longer than the Soviet Union and more.
Quito reluctant to magician guild main reason lies in what is known on the continent looks like a dwarf magician on him, every time I go will be onlookers, the Soviet Union found themselves long after the New Year than last year Many, wearing plain clothes look no signs restrained enough, the hair color is also very common on the continent into a reddish-brown, then put on a pair of black-rimmed glasses, compared to Quito to not much more interesting.
order to allow the Soviet Union to help him take the task, the two groups a magician team, such as the captain of the Soviet Union can help his teammates take the task.
taking advantage of the effort to do the task, purple Cang Song ran a lot of places, if you insist Quito, what is wrong with the team, he probably will not be riding this thing, walking most of the time, occasionally a space for art, to the city, then sit on a small Chuansong Zhen, to the city first bought the reel back to the city, so even walking just go one way.
but way too unbearable, and Quito do not like crowded places, purple Cang Song not like, so they do in some places the task of deep forests, long tentacle-like roots curiously moving in front, on the right is clearly long as the plants emit little things suddenly Puchi Puchi side ran the sound, it has shown signs of course is fun, but the purple Cang Song tenth hour to see these when I felt a little funny, task tend to be caught with some unusual animal magical properties, occasionally plants or materials.
purple Cang Song N times in the book on the painted sketch of something, make a mark on the map, take the seeds into the bag of holding, it can not liberalize things, otherwise Cang Song purple long way to see the Interesting things to put in his pocket to take home a million times, undoubtedly the most fun these days simple-minded, often run disappeared, but a spirit flute in purple Cang Song not stopped it, and only eat when call back . Although I do not know how far the straight-line distance, but it certainly is a simple-minded, you can hear the voice of the Spirit flute range over one thousand meters, a nice surprise.
nest in the deep forests due to the long, purple Cang Song wide open during the day is not a crystal ball, crystal ball because of the special spar needed only big cities have previously not any ready too, have to save the point with.
gloomy and dark purple Cang Song in the end do not know how many days passed, the dozens of days anyway.
That Song Cang purple crystal ball to open the evening when suddenly saw a familiar face, overjoyed, “kitten, how are you?”
Vivian curled his lip, “I returned Mobi Zi to find Watson in his crystal ball to contact you, you told me that the first thing is this?”
“I want to die soon you anyway.” Cang Song Purple happily shout.
“I also want you, but you can see a few days, I do not hurry, huh.” Vivian grunted.
“a few days, and why?” Cang Song Purple doubts.
VV appease amount, “Gee, you do not forget, after five days in respect of school friends!”

Chapter 17
in the deep forests darting in and out of the purple Cang Song students have absolutely no concept of time, the original two-month winter break also soon expire yet? Today is the day of the week she even did not know, of course, would not know that today is the number of a few, five days? Now it was her turn ask the amount of it, “Oh my God!”
Vivian heard jump, “you can not even forget where are you children?”
Cang Song looked purple and dark forest hammock beneath the smile, “I do not know.” For the avoidance of back and forth, did not finish the task before them would not return to the city, camped, and anyway Quito enchantment support the Song Cang purple when is the courage to practice.
Vivian listened jumping in place.
Watson’s face came over, “No matter where you are, Sue, come back to it, do not forget the rules and regulations first.”
“What is the first school rules?” Honestly book also says that school rules too thick, purple Cang Song simply can not believe that so many people come out of school rules back together.
“Each student must attend the opening ceremony, the words will not come to be deemed a waiver of the opportunity to continue learning in Yves Saint Laurent.” Watson read out a single word.
“Well, I’ll be right back.” Cang Song Purple jumped out of bed, went almost fell off the tree, not far from Quito directed hammock shouted, “基多基 much I want to go back.”
off the crystal ball before heard such a word, Watson could not help but smile. Turned out to be a teacher to do the task together with Quito ah ~
Quito with Santa Claus-like red nightcap drowsily opened his eyes and listened to her words heard muttering, “Yves Saint Laurent is really in trouble.”
“time so hurry, I have Huitang Tacitus, or I go first.” Cang Song Purple proposal.
Quito pegged the Soviet Union, “Are not you afraid?”
purple Cang Song of a cold, honestly answer, “I’m afraid, but I still have to go.” Quito teacher, after all, can not meet in a few days even grow in Chuansong Zhen, she was a person on the road can be a little faster.
Quito stunned for a moment, his eyes softened a lot, knowing that she was to think for themselves, in fact, her times this month to help him, and rightly day care, if she says she wants to accompany her back to his own immediate Moby HEREBY he would not refuse, “What do you want me to help you?”
“Anthony and his relatives as well as they labor Keane back to Mobi Zi of your help.” Cang Song Purple thought and said.
Quito nodded, “Well, not very safe at night, you wait for dawn and then go, I put the rest of the task done.”
“Okay.” Cang Song purple scroll to the task in Quito, himself meditating, day dawn with her back to the city reels arrived near a small city, and then turned back to Tacitus two transfer matrix method, Keane asked about the progress they learned properly, and so farewell after Eric got up with him, which wanted to go out, the results of the housekeeper came in and said: “Miss Su, who brought back the boy every day that you come back to find you the math Come on time today, you see? “
Song Cang purple thought, nodded, “That I wait for him!” while waiting for his time with Giles leave the way, there are a lot of people brought things to go into, I really do not know what the band Which should not be brought, although empty bag of holding more than half of the food, but still have to come up with something to go into all of these gifts, opened a few boxes, large pieces of plump pearls, precious ancient books, the good vases, everything is not cheap, Bale Bale, purple Cang Song fate gifts and put together into a single ceremony dimensional bag.
are placed when Anthony just to see the Soviet Union immediately lit up, “Miss Su, long time no see.”
Cang Song Ziwei got a smile, “Long time no see.”
see her at finishing things, Anthony surprised a moment, “Do you go?”
“是 ah.” purple Cang Song nodded, “I’m in a hurry, you must first back 莫比兹, you and your loved ones so a few days and Quito teacher back with it.”
Anthony stand up straight, “I told you to go together, as your assistant a few days ago have been rude not on your side, but finally did not live up to your exhortations.”
“Oh?” Cang Song Purple live to see him, she found he could not really count on it.
see her attention, Anthony fluently went on, “people painting called Hassan, he and two companions named Jack and William often pick up some shady small task, they were last seen in the a certain number of months, I had a black cloth from start to finish are the men in their bistro resident found them, they seem to be handed over to a task, the three of them would happily followed the man gone, and then never ever seen them. “
date of full compliance with, who also was on the purple Cang Song frown, never ever seen, and she was silenced it? She felt it was very strange to increase the fire, she has not a hotel, and the hotel burned what use is that people are even going to the pub package was so tight, or no useful clues ah. The three men are looking for here temporarily, the only one who can break the black man, only he did not know who the employer is, but this person happens to be the most difficult to break. After she noticed Anthony back to God looking eyes, this man is a talent, purple Cang Song reaffirmed that, “you ride?” She asked.
“will.” Anthony happily answer.
that make it very unexpected purple Cang Song, Ma is more expensive animal, not everyone has the opportunity to learn to ride, so she would ask, a little one, she nodded, “If you are not afraid of these days vomited tough battle, do not mind that I can go along with you. “
Anthony’s eyes sparkling, “I am not afraid.”
“Then we go.” purple Cang Song said immediately.
Anthony was taken aback, “I did not leave with the family, as well as luggage?”
purple Cang Song moment, quickly answer, “I can find someone to go to your home notify your family, as baggage.” she laughed, “Last time I was in Seduction can help you choose the clothes are still.” She inventory stuff I accidentally discovered that in addition to the day she forced him to put on clothes, and other things he did not take.
see so many clothes she gently Qiaoqiao to put a little bag, Anthony nodded, “that I did not question.” He can not be more hesitant than a lady, right? But he soon found himself still underestimated the power of the Soviet Union’s action, they sit a Chuansong Zhen Cares border, Anthony finished suspect either negotiate themselves out when he could not bend down special big spit spit, Sue yourself a people would probably have been the night off. Just admire his face looked pale and was able to make good standing slightly Su, Anthony just flashed up the idea and was then spit, and knew she was pressed for time, the next day he offered to be able to hit the road.
purple Cang Song hesitated, or nodded, anyway, today only need half a day to ride a horse on the line a little faster, then either return to the city to spend half a day you can scroll up. But looking down from his horse almost untenable a beautiful boy, Song Cang purple heavy sigh, “and then send us a small stop about it.” Although the Anthony
face white as a sheet, a good whine is no longer spit, but facing the heat inn usually have to eat, he ate Teng

replica louis vuitton handbags outlet

Staff recommended girls like letterheads, with their best-looking strokes to write the word: after school, in the classroom building after the plane-tree, rain or shine.
brother said, according to his own men, where the scenery is beautiful, the confession was named the top ten most occasions, the success rate of up to 100 percent.
fact, mainly where we all know about as long as there is certainly to confession, go, naturally representatives have promised, if they do not, then rejected. So, now where people confession hundred percent success rate.
Sun Dong ink does not know, however, Zhang Qian know!
Sun Dong ink is taking advantage of calisthenics Zhangqian duty when the solemn note on her desk in the middle, as seen Zhangqian come back, and he just casually pressed with a ballpoint pen, it quickly go out and pretend boys chatted about math quiz answers nothing happened.
Zhangqian receive a note when,cheap louis vuitton, in fact, a little surprised, even a little frightened, she was suspected of authenticity of this letter, but as he wrote to the N-long job man, often imitating his notes, Zhang Qian can be sure that he wrote. Like a long time, she finally decided to go, full of apprehension and shy with a little heart.
Later, he did not come, people go, no one to say hello, Zhang Qian feel his heart seemed empty one.
she had suspected Sun Dong ink to the wrong person, after all, goes on pretty stationery just on their own table, perhaps who lost, was picked up and put on his desk? ?
she secretly investigated for a long time, he had no results, anyway, people have gone, gone do not know, do not know the future will not be met, she looked at the past few days have been happy to amuse himself Xu Huan and Li Dandan , revealing the usual smile. Refreshing or as a smile, at that time, but contracted a touch of melancholy.
grandfather promised to give him the freedom of two years, Sun Dong ink actually understand the meaning of family, not just to give himself a two-year leave, after that maybe there is no chance.
Sun Dong ink actually does not care what the holiday, just give Sun dad clogging things he would do, although both father and son both care about each other at heart, but it seems that grew up not on the disk, giving him find something Tie is required.
leave here, SUN Dong ink shadow of a girl’s mind flashed, paused, he eventually embarked on a drive to the D City.
Sun Dong Mo was gone, Sun dad once asked Father puzzled why let him go easily.
East Chia ink his children will come back sooner or later, such a thought, but a mysterious smile Father did not answer, and then casually mention something:. “Hui months back about it.”
Sun dad suddenly covered with stiff, remembered his wife Hudu child’s appearance, in front of a black father Sun: His wife, I was wrong.
author has to say: first, to send special episode ~ ~ ~
Sahua ~ ~ ~ Thank you catch the wind shadow of the Department of Mines.
woo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The first one mine

☆, 46 Chapter 45

evildoer like to see that character again, Zhang Qian said he has been a great shock, coming back from the toilet, she does not speak so quiet stay on the seat, his head still turn, but turn now. What does he mean, in the end did not recognize himself recognized, that smile is how it was.
actually look pretty Zhangqian, when the boxes started up or someone invited her to sing, but unfortunately they are not thinking in a frequency. Zhang Qian stared at them, but apparently did not mind people in here.
Finally, like Ming Yang ran away so people are singing pulled down, left is sang, but Zhangqian stunned by virtue of her stout nerves have been obediently sat woodenly until the end of the party.
trip finally come out to play, of course, not so simple to go back, and we talk a bit, decided to stroll around the night market. There are several boys said they want to go back, they are not forced, after all, they are not too familiar with, people do not have that obligation is not it.
However, white and volunteered to stay in Hui, say what you want to adhere to stay the course, be sure to send them back to a safe job.
true gentleman.
followed by a few people were white they drove to the night market J City’s night market is very busy, a lot of people, have something to sell, bargain sound of cries, of voices to express the whole street bustling The.
In this environment, Zhang Qian was soon let go of their feelings, is not that what a powerful point of chiefs, the sister who still carry space yet.
more people, we have grouped walked the streets a lot of things, very complicated, if you look carefully, but also to Amoy some good stuff. Zhang Qian to find some very cheap little thing, like a mouse pad, with the kind of padded, one as long as eight dollars, what are you waiting Yeah, decisive buy it. Under
very sensitive to the situation many people wandered off, although the group to go, but are within sight of each other, can not find it screams, anyway, surrounded by the human voice, no one will care about the size of your voice.
Zhangqian not love shopping, not because they do not like it, but in this environment, she will not control his own, so a loose hand,louis vuitton outlet online, whoops, one week of meals gone.
for Stingy Zhangqian, the most reluctant to face is that this time, do you think this stuff is good, the price is right, with the person next to an agitation, an impulse buy.
results back to a closer look, though something good, the price is cheap, but you will find that you will never use them.
finally stroll around the night market, already half past nine, this time has been somewhat late, before returning to the bedroom, they also requested the white and eating street snacks in-hui, although not very valuable, but also on behalf of a little something for them.
back when Zhang Qian and Hui Ming Yang sat in the car, all the way out in the ocean and in Hui said, and it excited her posture attracted Zhangqian looked good glances, when, and they were so familiar ah.
returned to the bedroom and saw a bunch of stuff put in bed, Zhang Qian tears, sure enough, they spend money now!
mouse pad, had already had a good mouse pad,louis vuotton outlet, the result of a cheap and buy extra.
goggles, thinking about the benefits of optical eyewear, the results did not take into account their own situation, relying on the pillow and sleep goggles do people want to die.
bracelet, the most worth it, felt pretty light, and bring to it pretty, but the hands are not even a watch with a person, you can count on her hand set with beads around sloshing around it.
fortunately did not buy that potted cactus, cactus heard that helps put a computer next to radiation, Zhang Qian considered for a long time before deciding not to buy, if I buy it back, where did that thing to die, on the small table, put a What’s computers okay, if coupled with a cactus, Zhibuding when touched that you look down the spines of blood too! !
there is a bed skirt, floral skirt Bra material is not very good, but wins in a very nice and cheap, but it is not only the dress, you can simply use it as a skirt, matched with a nice shirt , is a different kind of style, fashion and beautiful.
their bedroom have bought a six per person, Zhang Qian piece is light blue, the color layers gradually deepened, very level, as a place to dress it drain a bit more, but with a short like a little jacket sleeve.
six people in six colors, they are going to class reunion when he wore this suit, and that it should be very hot weather, wear such clothes should be very occasional bar.
busy for several days, and Zhao Wei Zhang Xiaoning finally the whole thing about a good house, a house off campus, relatively far from the school, but that’s okay, they are going to buy a bike over time, so not only very convenient fro school, go to Which is also very convenient place to stroll.
approaching 46 English exam time, four words, the current one according to their bedroom only Lu did not before, according to what is good Lv one, is this four exams, Chousi her, she born and English guilty red, why not the world’s lingua franca Chinese! Allow foreigners to learn Chinese, then go! !
nagging, or to strive to do the title, if the test is not over yet, so I have to come back to practice test, how much shame ah, ah cliffs to cross! Lu a head according to a rope tied to the struggle to do like!
Zhangqian test a six, did not, and she does not intend to re-test, and asked her to this house property and foreign friends dialogue, this opportunity, then wait eight hundred years now.
Xu Qiao hung up medical exam last year, up to now not in the past, students have to follow next month to learn together and fight for it until the whole internship before.
Ming Yang is now busy, busy falling in love, and that she is very good at the soldiers called in Hui, telephone should go to, and this month have been in contact, but two people are shy temper until graduate soon yet the words open, real ink.
now not taking advantage of internships, everyone has the time, the class meeting time and place are also set down, just one month before the final exam, so it will not delay the study, the city of destination is D ‘joy of heaven ‘playground!
are adults, the phenomenon does not exist wandered collective booking, free activities that day arrives D city, and at night time and back to the hotel the next day to go to the playground to play, has been playing to the playground end of the night market , then set the hotel for one night, the morning of the third day of the Gold Coast to play around in the afternoon back to school! !
Zhangqian home is working locally, aunt still ‘joy of heaven’, there are free tickets to his roommate this Zhangqian bowed, she said: Here I cooked, I’ll give you a tour guide ! !
train, light rail and sat for some time, and finally to the end.
squad clap their hands at the inn we remember the address, and then disbanded.
to their chassis, Zhang Qian said he was excited to have been introduced to the people whisper the situation here: “inn, I know, take the 1st loop will soon be able to drive, to find out when asking to know.”
“taxis are too expensive, and sometimes they do not watch directly give you a price.”
“very fair price for the locals you, but let him know if you are in the field, it can not say.”
“What you want to rent a bike, double, I can take you to the beach to ride in, then can walk to, but a waste of time.”
In June, D City weather turned hot, even wearing cool clothes, people still can not help but want to dip his head into the water, with bedroom Zhangqian friends turn in a circle, so that they knowledge about green home. This is most proud
Zhangqian point turned a corner, while the cool wind, you can see much of a blue sea, golden beach on a sun umbrella patchwork arrangement with, There are many black specks in the water, it was a guest swim in the sea!
Zhangqian riding a tandem bicycle, Ming Yang sat behind her, the benefits of this kind of car is that, as long as a person can ride, it will move forward together with two people.
sides of the road are some of the steel manufacturing seafood, Zhangqian looking at these things, can not help but have a familiar feeling, is not it, four years ago, the summer before college, she and Sun Dong ink seems to be here to meet it Xu Huan Li Dandan there, they were all together a photo of it.
Zhangqian gradually stopped the car, looked blankly that familiar big octopus. Playback of mind depicting past life, this life of the screen.
“Sissy! how do you.”
“stroke it.”
“brought water to hurry up.”
Zhang Qian Hui Guoshen when Zhang Xiaoning just took the bottle of mineral water ready to pour her face.
Zhangqian a black line, boss, have you rescue it! !

☆, 47 forty-sixth chapter

that Zhangqian right, we are also relieved.
“Sissy, you have a white face, eyes Leng Leng’s a little scary too.”
Zhangqian smiled, did not mind: “Where scary, you misjudged it.” just a little thought before things fills fuss.
Zhangqian the skin on white, but because the body is healthy, so thin face with blush looks very beautiful, but just when Zhangqian face whitewashed whitewashed, with no color, it is unusual, so everyone will be worried.
now have a good look Zhangqian up, we will be just the thing to expose the past, continue to listen to her, they would lock up a bicycle parked on the roadside, stepping on the soft sand, walking said.
Zhangqian voice clear, articulate, the attractions of the origin, characteristics, said the scheme of things, occasionally talking behind the story, people could not help but look up to this.
“Sissy, you see there is what ah.” Ming Yang pointed to the far end of the island on the coast, asked, puzzled.
Zhang Qian Ming Yang refers to the direction along looked, Gold Coast beach is curved like a semicircle, like the moon, the position of the island facing the moon tip.
Zhangqian crooked head: “Spa Villa, right, the name □ warm, I have not been there yet.”
she turned around to see a look of curiosity roommate, explained: “I have heard it is very beautiful island, as well as villas inhabited it, but seems to be a membership-based, and charges are quite expensive, we can not afford. At least for now, or do not think. “These are Li Dandan passing leisure time and when she told her.
“Since coming here, you should not play ah sea.” looked at the blue sky and sea, Zhang Qian’s mood brightened somewhat, she can not swim, but it is like watching someone else’s flopping in the water look.
“Go Well, finally come to a future may have no time, anyway seawater without money.” Zhang Qian strongly encouraged with everyone eager to look very suspicious.
“I did not bring a swimsuit to, ah, how to?” Xu Qiao threw your hands, said helplessly, so clean water, just looking at my heart itch, and it is the sea swimsuit prices are too expensive.
“Who says you can not Wanla no bathing suits, his shoes off.”
Zhangqian mouth pulled touch grin, etc. Xu Qiao finished off go out on the sea took her hand and walked, still full of sand at the foot of rounded stones, itching, tingling, but while on the go will feel very comfortable.
that Zhang Qian Xu Qiao refers to play in the shallow water, wearing shorts wet vain anyway, let her also pulled up.
wait until the water swept over the knees, hands quietly on Zhang Qian Xu Qiao behind, moving in the direction of the sea forced a push.
“I forgive you, you’re dead!”
Xu Qiao angrily growled, TM too bully people, although there are buffered seawater, less pain, but she is now the people are sitting in the water, dripping wet clothes clung to her body, the hair drops with water.
Xu sitting pretty angry waters took two seawater splashes a spray, she stabilize the body in waves, you want to stand up to Zhangqian revenge.
Zhangqian Dongyin troubles grinning: “Zhao Wei let me do it, they all saw my hand on your back, the result did not tell anyone How about you!”
Zhao Wei: I’m innocent ~ ~
crowd: your sister, are you too fast, we have not had time to say!
said long ago, Xu was a pretty hot temper, heard that, did not even go through the mind, without thinking, directly toward the crowd holding a sea spread out!
you are wrong, even sit down together!
splash, everyone’s clothes are a little wet, but Xu Qiao did not stop, still kept churning the water.
Tiger does not get angry when we are Hello Kitty ah!

louis vuitton outlet

Yesterday, a little something that I went out, came back before we know, if I know it, certainly not out. “

Zhang Qian Han Wenyang heard to say, hastened Interface said, “ah,cheap louis vuitton, yesterday, Xiao Han went a little thing, he went to the bookstore to see if there is no professional books, so he came back I did not know the accident.” Oh, just that girl would not ask how, coauthored here waiting for.

sweet to hear Joe Zhang Qian Han Wenyang and say, turned his body, looked at Zhang Qian, “Well, ah, but you really want Xiaoqian attention, son heavier your home, this is the Nothing, in case something happens, you cry in the days to come. that there is, I have not a good attitude, really sorry. “Joe sweet finally apologized Road.

“Nothing, that I first went out, you stay here and then chat it.” Han Wenyang also played greeted thought he would go dry down to business right, we can not let Joe sweet to eat, so the house to see father Multi Shuba, although the father of light on his collection of books a lot, and really can not be compared to yesterday’s close, oh, yes, but also to pony books sent in the past.

Joe sweet watching Han Wenyang leave, very embarrassed to ask Zhang Qian, “is not a man to give me your home, then to the gas to.” how else he did not sit down and talk, did not ask Zhang Qian’s condition,louis vuotton outlet, Despite her illness is not serious, can not have a do not ask it.

“He’s not such a person.” Zhang Qian know Han Wenyang should help move things in the past, “Maybe my mom to cook, ask him or her to see the children of the bar.”

Joe Zhang Qian said so sweet to hear, feel very sorry, “or else I have to help cook it.” But she also felt very embarrassed, it is their craft is not very good, or else it will not Just ask Zhang Qian know there is no house rent, she went on to say no, and she and Zhang Qian want is to live with, at least not worry about their own meals, meals on into the intersection when the time, but now since there is no side empty house, she also did not want to move out to live the idea, because she was taken into account food issues.

Zhang Qian did not know where the ins and outs of this little girl, so she went to cook, is expected to give his aging mother chaos, “Come on, you’re here alone now, you have not burnt rice did not bring his children, your past Do not give them more trouble. “Zhang Qian said bluntly.

Joe Zhang Qian said so sweet to hear, but also feel very embarrassed, “That, I am here with you, I see you also very lonely.”

“What I’m lonely.” Zhang Qian smiled and retorted.

etc. Gesu Mei notifications can be dinner, Joe sweet in fact, already in the house and Zhang Qian said her aunt to make risotto GE deceives starve to death, it is the sense of space to let the smell get risotto stomach is growling.

until finally say yes dinner, Joe Le ah sweet heart, but when she came time to eat, gave shocked, amazing, ah, ah a lot of people, even on their own have eleven men, which shows the usual They are open table to eat, sweet Joe finally understand why in this room table there will be so many stools, original here is the place to entertain people, but also a place to eat, but they turned out to be and Zhang Qian The landlord eat together, but unfortunately it will not go the next Joe sweet care about these issues, she is now busy to eat, did not think GE aunt really good and generous, put there so much meat sausage, get the whole meal is oily, fragrant paella is really good, but also noted that Joe sweet when we sit down to dinner, see a bowl so much meat, did a little surprised, evidently Zhang Qian and his words are true, they really accustomed to eating more meat, really happy people, ah, sweet Joe Zhang Qian to see the look of jealousy, in fact, Zhang Qian was thinking to do and a good relationship, then you can occasionally come Cengceng eat.

not Joe sweet polite, require only occasional Cengfan eat, but she worried that often come Cengfan eat, make feel a bit too much, but she could not bear the food here, mainly meat, aunt made meals outside Jiage delicious, sweet think what Joe,louis vuitton outlet online, slowly eating action also slow down.

due to the small buns now also eat rice, so Zhang Qian pick a point a few grains of rice to feed out to the little buns to eat, in fact, Zhang Qian know if the elderly in accordance with previous practice, the rice should be placed on an adult’s mouth Chewing look after, and then fed the children to eat, but Zhang Qian to feel like a very disgusting, and secondly, to say this is actually the child’s teeth will have a bad effect, so Zhang Qian is a little rice with a spoon crumble point gave buns to eat.

Gesu Mei saw her grandson so to eat, eyes wrinkled, and finally could not resist the channel, “why do not you chew chewing small steamed buns to eat, why should so much trouble.” Really adult mouth to chew on a few Really convenient than big mouth with a spoon to get more.

“as unsanitary, and we eat more, and miscellaneous, oral hygiene is always not quite, for the sake of small buns beautiful teeth, or forget it.” Zhang Qian faint, hand movements did not stop, but This time, Zhang Qian noted Joe sweet to eat slow-down, very strange, just that she is not also look greedy with it, the action is also very forthright eat, how to eat it now but delicate up, “sweet, you how to eat it? “will not eat it, it seemed began to eat, but this girl’s appetite should not be so small now, but Zhang Qian and Joe sweet meal, knowing that her appetite, although canteen meals lack water, water and more own paella, the problem is her combat is not bad so much of it, and now we do not eat to accelerate the speed of it, that’s not much to the risotto.

“ah.” Joe Zhang Qian sweet to such a question, recovered, and had also found half pot of risotto, half have less, Joe sweet to see everyone at the dinner table eating speed, mind straight raspberry, My mother ah, no wonder Zhang Qian to eat at school so fast, it was all about, multi-family, sure to grab, so sweet Joe has also accelerated the hand movements, kept their mouths rice .

Zhang Qian saw a small girl so snatch action, do not know the spade, it is just as polite as pie lady, now it becomes a forthright guys, especially not how long they have a bowl, but a bowl full, it makes my heart Zhang Qian address him, one of my God, she does not worry about bursting stomach it?

Gesu Mei because they do not know Joe sweet appetite, plus myself for a long time did not make risotto, so deliberately do a lot, and so do the risotto out of her heart and said bad that they do today risotto do too more, do not know can not eat today, if not eat it, eat it hot noon tomorrow own, although Gesu Mei does not like to eat leftovers, you can have no way, we can not give these meals throw it . We can not expect all came to face, the risotto gave so much to eat.

fact Gesu Mei did not know was that those men see text frail weak even ate two bowls of sweet Joe, they feel as a man can not eat it no more than the girls, so everyone simmering stock an effort to stomach stuffed risotto, plus today’s bacon sausage ah well also put a little too much, we will not let go of how hard the stomach to eat.

to last the pot is empty, and we are also spread on a chair, really do not want to move.

Zhang Qian also rub his belly straight smile, alas, they really, and obviously that can not eat eat, to food plot, you can see them there on their own how efforts to eat, and that they go snatch of it, obviously he said to hold back, to resist the mother’s food, alas, many people are so bad, we eat so vigorously to see that he will unknowingly eat a lot more than the usual amount of their own. “Good eat ah, sweet, I’ll send you back too.” Himself slowly walking past, when digestion sports bar.

“Well, I may eat, so I’ll sit.” Joe sweet also touched his bulging belly, very good to eat this meal that you eat a little too much and ate many, many, if not Zhang Qian said she just eat up, Joe could not say they eat stays sweet, and she also said, hiccups, get this little girl very sorry, eat eat hiccups, which shows how much we eat.

“I was.” Zhao Yun smile the next, really, should not be seen eating a second bowl Xiaoqian, himself a mind to join in, alas really eat up, “Well, I packed up the bowl.” do not Dodo, has been sitting there, Zhao Yun to worry about their sleep at night, his stomach still rose up, and probably never digestion down.

Joe Zhao Yun so sweet to hear that there would be sitting at home, eating rub rub yourself this drink, there is no reason not to make it work, “I came to me.” This little girl diligent hands to help clean up the dishes, he can Red ah good to perform well in a few days to eat their own chance to come Cengfan not it.
They do not know Joe Zhang Qian
sweet idea, if you know it, it will not be so polite, sure to make someone do the dishes, joke, people are thought about when to Cengfan eat, we can not lose myself so it, of course, this is just talk, after all the guests, how will she do it.

Gesu Mei got up to help clean up the dishes, “No, Joe, the day is not late, you go back early.” Although it is the end of April and May, there is no getting dark so early, you can go back and study hall early lesson The.

Zhang Qian think of it this time, even if someone on the self-study course, “sweet little girls, and I send you back to school together Xiao Han, or else self-study courses to be late.” Zhang Qian did not know this time self-study courses or not named, but she seemed to hear them say that, in addition to their outside class, we are all are self-study courses in class every day, that earnest enthusiasm, let Zhang Qian shame really, honestly Zhang Qian in the home, Do not look very good learning environment at home, you can see Zhang Qian are some miscellaneous books mostly, and sometimes even small buns play, or listen to the little buns pulled 葛素梅 medicine enlightenment to small buns, Zhang Qian sometimes think In fact, this time quite like to own depraved, is not required to make progress, although during the day in school very seriously, to return home, as long as there is a small bun at the edge, and that they do not have much time to read, to give this little guy entangled.

But this, Zhang Qian Zhao Yun quite admire the couple, their children take turns, one look at the child, and the other to accompany children to play, of course, as long as there are idle, they will not forget to paste cardboard box, Zhang Qian was secretly help them count count, one month down, paste paper box, there’s a ten-dollar income, even though much money, Zhang Qian know they can be really powerful husband and wife, and children are in class is also doing housework, but also time forget the kids, sometimes quite ashamed of Zhang Qian, is this good economic conditions at home, give us a different pressure caused it.

Zhang Qian admitted that he is really lazy, but Zhang Qian this is also related to past life experiences, past lives slaving away in Haicheng also bought more than one hundred square house, a little deposit, plus a car only, But now we have a set of three or four hundred square courtyard in the capital, though not in the capital’s city center, the problem is that the future generations are also millions of houses it, if demolition case, we want a three four five six sets of house it is not excessive, so not so Zhang Qian more fighting spirit, and it is impossible to catch a few of the market, mortgage the house to change money into it, we started by the millions earned tens of millions of millions should not be a problem, right , Zhang Qian thought here, but also feel very satisfied, ah, although we do not make progress now, but that was little money we despise, we are required to earn a lot of money, let’s forget this little money, and they do not robbed.

Zhang Qian holding his stomach, slow and sweet Joe moved along the direction to go to school, but 韩文阳 walking behind them, can only shake his head, and the girl said to hurry back to the two self-taught on , you can see them walking speed, is expected to come to school every class, “said that speed was not a little late.” Han Wenyang cautioned not Han Wenyang kindly concern self-study course on Joe sweet things, but he felt and then went to school this rate, it came back, His wife will pick up the pace to go back, would not reduce both time alone, this is Han Wenyang not happy to see.

Zhang Qian Han Wenyang heard to say, we know his dislike of speed, the problem is Zhang Qian also want to speed up the pace, “belly good drums, I walk.” Zhang Qian heart really extreme regret, I knew walking or this is so, might as well stay with small steamed buns to play at home, do not need to go so the road.

Joe also bitter sweet a face, “I am also in the evening really should not eat.” And out of the gate, Joe sweet to think of it, so you just eat at the dinner table, will the Zhang family a scare , Zhibuding how they say that their fix will say that we are very eat girl, but also greedy, made up of stomach belching, Joe sweet thought here is extremely sorry, alas, they really should not be greedy, confused and now they really made a big disgrace lost, “Actually Xiaoqian, you know my appetite, I usually eat so much.”

Enliaoyisheng Zhang Qian, “Me too, Xiaoyun also, several of us are really into the excess.” Zhang Qian thin recall the next, usually so few people eat at home, had never been so greedy, even his aging mother for a long time did not make paella, the problem is the meat home to eat before, though not often, you can eat at least a week on two back, nor is it less meat person, how we all so badly, it really is because the relationship between sweet , thought of this, Joe Zhang Qian careful look sweet, regret at her face, the more sure I guess.

“Today mom doing good to eat paella, I have to eat, and even dad often said to pay attention to good health, but also all over the.” kindly help solution Han Wenyang said, in fact, because he felt The little girl with everyone to eat, or else how would you drooling.

Joe sweet to hear the two of them are saying, my heart feel better, too, GE aunt craft really good, long fix is ​​that we did not eat paella, will panicked, then one, everyone all gaffes are greedy, and there would be so many people are concerned about their greedy this problem, think of here, Joe was slightly better than sweet,

two people after the Joe sweet away, walking on the road, laughing and 韩文阳 Zhang Qian, “I come back a few times to see if that little girl, my stomach to strike.”

Han Wenyang Enliaoyisheng, look around, no one is through the side, a pull Zhang Qian’s hand, slowly walked to the house, “but she comes, you have to eat a lot, although Qi Cheng eat eat for good health, but I see you eat very little, is not the body is not good. “if that girl eat, then let Zhang Qian, Han Wenyang consent hands in the air, you know my wife several February lean down, holding his knock Han Wenyang always felt panic, “I think a good point you still fat, thin, I hold uncomfortable.”

Zhang Qian hear 韩文阳 the meaning of words, reached into 韩文阳 clothes, the thin flesh wound up the 韩文阳 let you out of nonsense, although not many people on the street, how can you not know will not run from that alley or a person out of the doorway, and give them to hear these words, it is also terrible.

Hand txt two hundred and sixtieth chapters

two hundred and sixtieth chapters

Zhang Qian and 韩文阳 two people holding hands and slowly walked toward the house, but not much faster than walking pace just send back the pace of how much Joe sweet, but two people quite enjoy this atmosphere, if not speak, but also feel fine.

“If the how good the West Lake.” Zhang Qian

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